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David Tvildiani

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David Tvildiani

David Tvildiani - The Honored Scientist (1982), The honoree of state premium of Georgia
(1988), The honoree of the first degree premium of Education Ministry of Georgia for the text-
book – “Cardiology” (1990), The Academician of medical academy of Georgia (19950, the
owner of Order of Honor (2000).
David Tvildiani worked under the scholarship of WHO in cardiology center of Stockholm
(Sweden) (1965 – 66). He was awarded for scientific work with the medal of Stockholm surgical
academy and for joint scientific work with the medal of Milan (Italy) University (1989). In 2003
was elected as a permanent member of Hypertony Study Society of USA.
Professor David Tvildiani is an author of more than 180 scientific works including 3 inventions
and 9 monographies and text-books:

  1. Some methods of investigation of cardiovascular system functional condition. 1964, Tbilisi,
    “Soviet Georgia”;
  2. Modelling of coronary insufficiency and some issues of its pathogenesis (1965); (or 1971)
  3. Cardivascular diseases (Therapeutic reference book). 1973. Tbilisi. “Soviet Georgia”;
  4. Diagnostic methods of cardiovascular diseases, 1976. Tbilisi, “Soviet Georgia”;
  5. Clinical Cardiology (additional test-book), 1982. Tbilisi, “Soviet Georgia”;
  6. Cardiology (Additional text-book), 1986. Tbilisi, “Education”;
  7. Sportsmen electrocardiography (co-author Gh. Svanishvili), 19888. Tbilisi., “Education”;
  8. Clinical electrocardiography (text-book), 1991. Tbilisi, “Education”;
  9. Differential diagnosis of arrythmias (editor of English translation), 1977. Tbilisi, “Georgia”;
  10. Syndromal differential diagnosis of internal diseases and emergency therapy, 2000. Tbilisi, “Agmashenebeli”;
  11. Cardiology, 2002. Tbilisi, „Kegel “.
    Also he was the founder of cardiology new direction in Georgia – influence of changes of the
    Sun activity and geophysical factors on cardiovascular system (heliomagnetic cardiology). 15
    candidate’s works and 2 PhD works were made under his supervision. He participated in
    numerous international congresses and symposiums. He was the head of Degree Awarding
    Scientific Council in Cardiology for many years.
    The main direction of David Tvildiani scientific work was clinical and experimental cardiology.
    He developed modelling methods of controlled hypertension in pulmonary and systemic
    circulations, published in foreign literature and was implemented in various scientific centers.
    Important issues of myocardial infarction were studied via mentioned inventions.