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David Tvildiani Medical University’s Public Nursing College, founded by the David Tvildiani Medical university in 2015, launched educational activities in 2016. Relying on its experience, position, reputation, and resources, the university sought to prepare highly qualified nursing workforce and contribute to addressing the country’s human resources and quality shortage, also to transform the content of the professional education program of that time so as to respond to the needs of human resources in response to contemporary challenges by taking into account and adopting modern practices, innovations, and medical achievements, while drawing closer to the international standards of both higher and professional education and offering possibilities for linking various levels of education through cooperation with state structures and sharing international experience. David Tvildiani Medical University’s Public Nursing College has been successfully operating for six years now, ranked first in the country in terms of employment and continuing studies in schools of higher education. The nursing professional education program encompasses three tears (180 credits), split equally between theory and practice. Duration of education is 3 years. Applicants for nursing courses are admitted into college based on state-facilitated examinations (with the exception of foreign citizens). After completing the program, professional students are recognized as holders of higher professional nursing qualifications, in line with the procedures defined by the state, and issued qualification certificates. The college has a solid record successful cooperation with accomplished representatives of the local medical market and German (Pirmasens) and Lithuanian (Klaipeda) university clinics alike.

Objects of Practice

"Evex Medical Corporation": referral hospitals, district hospitals, polyclinics; Pirmasens municipal clinic in Germany
M. Iashvili Paediatric Tertiary Referral Hospital.
2/6, Lubliana str., Tbilisi, Georgia.
Tbilisi Traumatology Hospital.
21, Lubliana str., Tbilisi, Georgia.
Children’s New Referral Hospital.
21, Lubliana str., Tbilisi, Georgia.
Caucasus Medical Center.
23, Kavtaradze str., Tbilisi, Georgia.
West Georgia Medical Center.
83a, Javakhishvili str. Kutaisi, Georgia.
Kristina Kili Oncology Center.
85, Javakhishvili str. Kutaisi, Tbilisi.
Kutaisi Emergency Referral Hospital.
2, Ockheli str., Kutaisi, Georgia.
Saint Nikoloz Surgery Center.
9, Paolo Iashvili str., Kutaisi, Georgia.
Batumi Referral Hospital.
125, Bagrationi str., Batumi, Georgia.
M. Iashvili Batumi Maternal and Child Central Hospital.
64, airport highway, Batumi, Georgia.
Zugdidi Referral Hospital.
206, Gamsakhurdia str., Zugdidi, Georgia.
Telavi Referral Hospital.
1, Sekhniashvili str., Telavi, Georgia.
Caraps Medline.
48, Lubliana str. Tbilisi, Georgia.
Bokeria Tbilisi referral Hospital.
1, Kindzmarauli str., 1 turn, Tbilisi Georgia.
High Medical Technology Center.
9, Tsinandali str., Tbilisi, Georgia.
Akhaltsikhe Referral Hospital.
105a, Shota Rustaveli str., Akhaltsikhe, Georgia.
Poti Hospital.
171, Guria tr., Poti, Georgia.